Terms and conditions

These General conditions and rules regulate the relations between “DB9” EOOD referred to further on as “TRADESMAN” on the one part and the visitors of the electronic store at the internet address www.berbatov.com further on referred to as Site.

These conditions are binding for all visitors of the site. By selecting the hyperlinks on the server of www.berbatov.com www.berbatov.com or by paying for the goods and services offered by the site the Recipient agrees to observe these General conditions and rules. “DB9” EOOD is a company registered in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, registered in the Commercial Register with Registry Agency with UIC (Unified ID Code) 204849348, business address: city of Sofia, Oborishte district, 27 Veliko Turnovo str.

“DB9” EOOD is an administrator of personal data pursuant to the legislation in force. Recipients can be natural persons or legal entities pursuant to these general provisions.


The electronic store of “DB9” EOOD provides the possibility for visitors to view and buy the goods and services offered. The registration is mandatory so that the services offered on the site may be used and purchases be made.The site can be viewed by recipients without registration. Each recipient wishing to make a purchase must fill in an information form with concrete data necessary for the issuance of an invoice and a document for the delivery as well as a valid address, telephone number and email.


By checking “I agree with the General provisions” the Recipient makes an electronic statement in the meaning of the Law on the electronic document and the electronic signature and declares that he/she has been familiarized with these General provisions and rules and agrees with them.

3.Confidentiality of personal data

The personal data received by the TRADESMAN during registration shall be used only for serving the Recipients including accepting and delivering of orders and for contact with the Recipients in the event of arising problems related to the order, providing warranty services of the products offered and sending of brochures, notices and messages. The TRADESMAN can collect other data (IP address, visiting time, place of access to the web page, name and version of the web browser, the operating system, including other parameters) provided by the web browser through which the access to the web page has been accomplished. These data can be used by the TRADESMAN for improving the services provided for the Recipients or for statistical purposes. The data shall not be made available by any form to third persons who have not been bound by achieving the purposes above or by purposes different from those mentioned above. The registration can be cancelled any time at the request of the Recipient. The latter has the right at any time and given the observance of the following sentence to object the collection of personal data and to request their obliteration. Thereby the Recipient withdraws his/her assent with these General provisions and waives any rights described in them without any further obligations of the parties to one another and/or shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred to any of the parties. The Recipient cannot withdraw his/her assent in so far as there is pending contractual relationship or until he/she has paid all outstanding sums due to the Tradesman. Personal information about a natural person:

Name, Surname

Address for delivery

Telephone for contacts

Email Information about a legal entity:

Name of the legal entity

Data about the legal entity – business address,

UIC Address for delivery

Telephone for contacts


The TRADESMAN guarantees his Recipients/customers the confidentiality of the information and personal data provided. The latter shall not be used, made available or provided for third persons except in cases and under the conditions stipulated in these General provisions and in the legislation in force. The TRADESMAN shall protect the personal data of the recipient made available to him after the filling in of the electronic form for the purchase whereas this obligation shall not be valid in case the Recipient has provided false data. In case of a refusal of the Recipient to provide his/her personal data he/she shall not be able to buy the goods and services offered in the electronic store.

4.Personal data security

The Recipient bears full responsibility for safeguarding the usernames and passwords as well as for third persons using them. In the event of a doubt as regards illegal or unauthorized access, stolen or lost username and/or a password the Recipient shall inform the TRADESMAN immediately with a view to preventing the access to the personal information. The TRADESMAN guarantees a high level of protection of the information by encrypting it when the services of the site are used. The Recipient shall keep his/her personal information up-to-date and shall fill in changes of an address, telephone number, email in due time. The TRADESMAN shall not bear responsibility for undelivered orders caused by non-updated information or in case the Recipient fails to provide an access and conditions for the delivery of the goods at the address provided in time or if he/she fails to go to the office of the courier company so as to receive in time the goods offered by him/her if he/she has chosen that option. In that case costs of the repeated dispatch of the goods shall be covered by the Recipient and the costs of courier service shall not be covered by the Tradesman in the event of a waiver of the contract. For additional information related to the protection of your personal data please visit POLICY OF CONFIDENTIALITY OF “DB9” EOOD section.


The electronic store of the TRADESMAN accepts orders 24 hours, every day of the year. The orders are processed on workdays only – Saturday and Sunday excluded as are the official holidays in the Republic of Bulgaria. Orders are processed every workday till 2 pm Bulgarian time. Orders made after 2 pm Bulgarian time shall be processed on the first workday after the day of the order. Orders made during weekends and holidays shall be processed on the first workday following the day of the order. Every selected product is placed in the basket. Before confirming the order the Recipient can check the basket, change the quantity and his/her information and then proceed to payment and finalizing of the order. Every accepted order paid by the recipient shall be considered successfully finalized. The implementation of the order may be delayed when a wrong or incomplete address for the delivery or a wrong telephone for contact with the Recipient have been provided. In the event of a problem with the delivery the TRADESMAN shall contact the Recipient via the forms for contact to solve the problems. After the processed order is dispatched to the courier for delivery the Recipient shall be informed about it and shall receive the number of the bill of lading so as to track it.

6.Prices and mode of payment

All prices of products include VAT. The final price of the order is the sum of the prices of all products ordered and the price of the delivery. The payment is done by a card, by virtual POS terminal or through PayPal and is processed in real time. The payment through PayPal is accomplished on the page of PayPal.com. There is no impediment to this mode of payment even for unregistered users of PayPal – any international debit or credit card can be used to pay as PayPal Guest. The PayPal system guarantees the protection of personal data and the card information. The system accepts all kinds of credit and international debit cards issued in Bulgaria and abroad. The payment incurs a fee payable to PayPal by the customer. “DB9” EOOD does not require any other additional fees. Every fee charged excluding the price of the order declared by “DB9” EOOD is between the Recipient and PayPal and/or the subject of contractual relations between the Recipient and his/her bank.

7.Mode, time and price of the delivery

The tradesman delivers goods ordered via the electronic store www.berbatov.com by Econt courier company for Bulgaria and via DHL for other countries in the world. The time of delivery to the end destination chosen by the Recipient after confirming the order is up to three working days via Econt and up to five days via DHL. The price of the delivery of the goods is calculated on the basis of the delivery address (for Econt) and the weight according to the standard tariff of the courier company. The price of the delivery shall be calculated after the Recipient has placed all the products in the basket on the basis of the total weight of the order placed. The recipients are granted preferential delivery prices provided by the courier for “DB9” EOOD. 8.Waiver of contract Pursuant to this provision a consumer is the consumer pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). The consumer is entitled to withdrawing from the contract without stating the reasons, without paying any penalty within 14 days as of the date of receiving the delivery of the goods. To exercise his/her right of withdrawal the Consumer must send or hand over the goods to the TRADESMAN not later than 14 days as of the date on which the Consumer has informed the TRADESMAN about his/her decision to return the products. In the event of a failure of meet this obligation the TRADESMAN shall not be bound to refund the sums paid by the Consumer. The costs for the return of the goods shall be at the expense of the TRADESMAN at the regular prices of the courier company which has delivered the goods. In the event of a failure to meet these conditions the TRADESMAN has the right to refuse to accept the goods returned and to refund the full sum paid by the Consumer. “DB9”EOOD guarantees the full refund of the sum paid provided that all goods are returned intact and in the same condition in which the consumer has received them. This means that the goods should not be soiled, washed, changed or worn and that all labels or marks should be intact.. The goods shall be returned along with the accompanying documents. The refund of the sum for the returned products is done only by a bank transfer with the 14-day term established by law as of the date on which the tradesman has been informed about the customer’s decision to withdraw from the contract but not earlier tha the day after the day on which the goods have been returned in the condition specified above by the mode of payment used for paying for the order.

For the sake of hygiene and health protection purchased underwear cannot be returned.