Cookie policy


What does this policy include?

The website of DB9 EOOD uses cookies.
In order to learn what cookies are, how they are used on our site and how to manage them, please read carefully this Policy of Cookies of DB9 EOOD. What are cookies? Cookies are a small-sized file of data and is stored in the web browser of your device upon visiting concrete websites. Cookies may contain or may not contain personal data of visitors.

What are cookies used for?

Every modern website uses cookies in order to work properly. Cookies have various tasks which in general facilitate your use of our site and make it more interactive. Thus for instance via cookies we collect information related to your visit of and behaviour on the site so that you do not need to provide it for us again and again. In this way we can recognize you next time you visit the website. Cookies likewise help us learn how you use our services so as to improve them continuously by personalizing the content and the offers provided for you based on your preferences and interests.

What kinds of cookies are there?

Depending on how long cookies are stored in your device they can be “permanent” and “temporary” (“session”) cookies. The “permanent” cookies are stored in your computer or mobile device for a long period of time which can cover years; The “temporary”(“session”) cookies are placed temporarily whenever you visit our website but are not stored permanently in your device and are deleted when your session is over e.g. when you close the webpage. Depending on their functions cookies may be categorized as three different types: “strictly necessary cookies”; “functionality cookies”; “performance cookies; The “strictly necessary cookies” are strictly necessary so as our website may fulfil its functions. For instance we use them so as to establish our consumers when they use the website and to provide our services for them or to be able to implement and maintain the security of our services. These cookies do not collect information about you which may be used for marketing or advertisement. Your consent to use these cookies is presupposed by the very use of the site. Therefore you cannot refuse to use them. The “functionality cookies” are those through which the different functionalities of our site including the serving of non-personalized advertisement. They allow us to remember your preferences such as the font size and other personal settings saving you time and efforts for giving your username every time you visit our page or for seeing the content of your preference. The “performance cookies” are those which are not strictly necessary but allow us to personalize your experience in our website. The information stored by the “performance cookies” helps us understand how you use our website, remember and check the history of your previous visits, what you have seen or marked or how you have found us. Then we shall use these data to improve the website and our services and thus improve your experience.

What kinds of cookies do we use and for what purposes?

When you visit our website you will be able to establish the various cookies which are generated. We use all the three described types of cookies.

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

To identify users aimed at guaranteeing their safe access; To remember the products added to your basket or bought in the process of online shopping; To remember the information filled in by you on various pages e.g. when you place orders so as you will not have to fill in your data repeatedly;  To transfer the information from one page to the next e.g. when filling in a long questionnaire or when it is necessary to fill in many data for placing an online order; To save the preferred settings such as language, location, number of results while browsing which can be visualized, etc.; To save the settings of optimum visualization such as the size of the buffer and the parameters of the resolution on your screen; To read the settings of your browser aimed at the optimum visualization of our website on the screen of your device; To download the website problem-free and to maintain the continuous access to it; To offer the option of saving the data for logging into your account so as not to have to fill them in every time; To follow the number of users visiting our webpages; To follow the time spent by every visitor in viewing our webpages; To establish the sequence in which visitors view the different pages of our website; To assess the need of improving some parts of our website; To optimize our website.

Cookies of third parties: We use some cookies of third parties as a part of our services. These cookies are managed by the relevant third parties and are not controlled by us. These cookies help us study the market, follow the revenues, improve the functionality and control the observance of our General provisions and the policy of using our website.

How can you manage the cookies?

You can control and/or delete the cookies as you wish. You can delete all cookies installed on your computer and tune up most browsers so as to prevent placing them into your computer. If you do that you may have to make changes in the settings of some of your preferences every time you visit our website and it is possible that some of the services and functions of our website may not work.

We reserve the right to change this Policy of cookies and that is why we recommend you to review regularly its content. All future changes in our Policy of cookies will be published on this page and they will be considered to be in force as of the date of their publishing unless something different has been pointed out.