D9B Project

09 / 09 / 2019

This project is a result of my need to be creative. I was artist on the pitch as well and I entertain the fans with the things I did there! But now I want to share with them my passion for drawing and creating. To give them some of my inspiration through the D9B brand.

Everything I've imagined is already a fact - high quality products! It doesn't matter where you are - at work, playing with your children, travel with the family, go out with friends, playing sport, my products can be with you at any of these times. And through them I will be there too. Because the design is entirely mine - from the first touch to the message.

And the authenticity and originality are guaranteed in a very special way

As an artist, I cannot repeat myself - you will see all my creations in extremely limited editions and have almost collectible value. If you like something - don't think about it, because when it's over, it's probably not going to be produced again. I will already be making new collection and will draw new ideas for you. 

When will you see them? When i decide is the right time! Because this is not just business, it's also emotion - my new way of communicating with people who like me!


  • I will miss all of this
    I will miss all of this
  • Singapore Sports Hub
    Singapore Sports Hub
  • Practice with the stars
    Practice with the stars
  • Danoniada 2019 Winners
    Danoniada 2019 Winners
  • Visiting Beijing
    Visiting Beijing