2006 - 2008

“From the first moment i fell in love with English football! And Tottenham gave me the opportunity to show how good i was! To show my vision of the game, how i played and moved inside the pitch! I was enjoying it so much! It take me two or three games to get use to everything but after that i was like shark in the water! Goals, assists, way of playing, everything was there and i was so happy! We had so many great games, crazy results! One of my most beautiful goals i ever scored are with this team! In the end we won the League Cup! I was able to score a goal in that game, and lift the trophy at the Legendary Wembley! This was my final step before i reach my highest peak in football for me! What a team”

In Tottenham the Bulgarian quickly became a star. At the end of the season he was chosen as the Spurs № 1 player of the season and was included in the ideal EPL team of the year! In February 2008 comes the big successes with Tottenham - the League Cup after a triumph over Chelsea on  the legendary Wembley. Berba scores one of the goals! Only two Bulgarians have manage to score at Wembley - Berba and the Legendary Georgi Asparuhov!