2001 - 2006
Bayer Leverkusen

“This was the team and the place where i develop most as a man and a football player! It was the first time i was able to get in touch and play with world class players like - Michael Bаlack, Ulf Kirsten, Ze Roberto, Lucio.. I have learned so much in the process of playing and train with them that eventually it made me better! Even if you don’t realise it, every day on the pitch with players like this will improve your skills! I had a great time in Leverkusen and will be forever grateful for the patience, lessons and advices on my road to become better as a player and a man”

He signed a contract with the club in 2001 and quickly became a key figure in the team and among the top Bundesliga top scorers. He played in the Champions League final against Real Madrid!